Competent Finman functions to create wealth for its customers. We provide a platform for you to invest in our offerings, and support you to do so – in a transparent and hassle-free manner.

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On behalf of Competent Group – Thank you for your interest in our services!

To tell you briefly about us, we’ve been around for more than 30 years. We started out as a CA Firm S. Tandon & Associates in 1986, which now has a country wide presence. Through time, Stan Professionals – a consulting company operating nationally, Competent Finman – a leading financial services provider in the region, Competent Synergies – a large BPO and IT services company, and Competent Groove – a software products company, were formed. Our introduction would not be complete without mentioning Competent Foundation – a charitable trust through which we do social work.

Competent Finman functions to create wealth for its customers. The Group made its foray into the markets in 1992 as a sub-broker and soon after, became a trading member. The journey has introduced us to many bulls and bears, but thankfully, we’ve learnt to befriend both 1a bull run is when the market trend is upwards, and a bear run is when the trend is downwards.

We look forward with humility and optimism – continually striving to explore new avenues to spark growth. All this, while staying true to our values that are at the foundation of our being – honesty, integrity and competence. In this exciting time in India’s economic growth story, we strive to help you grow!

Sanjay Tandon


Competent Group

“We’ve always tried to be fair and accountable, to all our stakeholders, and that with God’s grace has held us in good stead.”

Ranjan Chawla


Competent Finman

“In my twenty-five plus years as a day trader, I’ve learnt that if you put in the time, and stay disciplined, you can be successful.”